Friday, July 12, 2013

What are We Willing to Give part 2: The Sacrifices We Can Make in Our Lives

     Yesterday I talked about the story of Esther, and how she was willing to give her life for her people. Today I will be talking about what we need to be willing to give for our people. Now, we may not have to give up our lives like Esther did, but as Christians we still have to make sacrifices in order to convert others into Christians.

     Much like pretty much everyone else, I love watching TV. I love cartoons, movies, super heroes, action movies, all that fun stuff. But if I did nothing but watch TV all day, what good would that do me? What good would that do others? Not very much. Now, there's nothing wrong with watching TV, but if it gets in the way of us doing what we need to do, then it can turn into a problem. 

     Today, I want to encourage you to give up just one hour of TV, or something you catch yourself doing too much of, and do something productive instead. Maybe there's a widow in your church that you could visit, or there's a friend you have who's in need of a Bible study, or something like that. Not everyone has the same abilities or circumstances as others do to help those in need. Like, I may not be able to drive yet, but I can still invite a friend to church, or have a Bible study with them. Maybe there's something you can do, a circumstance you're in to use the tools given to you by God to help someone. It might be difficult, but the more you try, the more you'll grow in understanding God's Word. So I want to encourage you to do that. Even if it's just inviting a friend over who needs encouragement, it'll still be worth it. If Esther can give her life to save her people, then what are we willing to give to save ours?