Thursday, May 22, 2014

Our Passion

     Everyone has something they enjoy doing. Maybe it's reading, writing, singing, cooking, or anything else. Our hobbies, or our passions are what we enjoy doing the most. Those things that relax us and that maybe we're not necessarily good at, but we enjoy. So today I want to ask you, what's your passion?

     Now, before I get into this, I'm not saying that it's wrong to like things that aren't exactly related to the Bible. Yes, we should make sure and guard ourselves from the things of this world, but we can enjoy sports, and reading and watching movies and all that. But the thing that we spend the most time on, our passion, what we love the most. What is it? What do we spend the most time and energy doing?

     I know that this is a rather short article, but I want you to ask yourself every day what your passion is? What you love doing?  What are you spending the most of your time on? If it's not God, then what is it? Now, you can use your passions for God. Like, I love baking. I like how you can take sugar, and flower, and brown sugar, and eggs, and butter, and salt, and baking soda, and oats, and chocolate chips and even though on their own, those things really don't taste that great, together they make chocolate chip cookies, and it absolutely blows my mind. Now, I can either make cookies and only eat them myself, or I can take them to others and visit with them. Or maybe if you love sewing, you can sew baby blankets for new parents. Or maybe if you love little kids, you can teach Bible class, or offer to babysit some kids in your congregation so their parents can finally take a break. When God is our main passion, the other things that we love to do will become aids in helping others and ourselves reach heaven.