Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bible Study and Study the Bible

Today is Wednesday, and most girls reading this will be going to Bible Study tonight. Having gone to Bible class for my whole life, I've noticed different types of people who attend Bible class, and from their actions and body language while the Bible is being taught, it's easy to tell how they view the Bible.
Obviously, there's one group who enjoys learning in class; they ask questions, turn to verses in their Bible, and take notes. This shows that they take it seriously, and enjoy God's Word.
Then there's the other group, that whispers (not so) quietly to each other, and giggles throughout the class, and simply pretends to pay attention. This shows a complete lack of respect for God's word.
Lastly, there's the group of people who simply slumps their shoulders and looks down at the table, obviously bored and wishing they were anywhere but at Bible Class. This shows a dislike, even a contempt for God's word, because they can't be bothered to care about the Scriptures.
To amplify the amount of information and application you get in class tonight, I have a few tips for you:
-BRING YOUR BIBLE. I can't tell you how many times kids come into Bible Class without their Bible. Even some adults I know don't bring their Bibles, simply relying on the pew Bibles. This is embarassing, and they really should be ashamed of themselves. Would you go to battle without a gun? Neither should you go to Bible Class without your Bible.
-Take notes. Write down a verse that caught your attention, or made you think, or just simply sounded good. When you get home, write it on your mirror in dry erase marker, and think about it all week.
- Ask questions. Seriously, teachers love this, and it lets them know you're paying attention and thinking about the topic at hand.
-Write in your Bible. Did your teacher make an interesting point about a verse that you'd never thought of before? Make a note of it beside the verse in your Bible. That way, whenever you read that verse, you'll always think of that point .