Friday, April 26, 2013

The Importance of Popularity

    In life, it seems like everyone wants to be popular. It's normal, but how important is it? Now, there's nothing wrong with being popular, but is it more important to follow God and have a few friends, or live life to please others no matter what you're doing? Now, don't get me wrong, you can be popular without even trying to please anyone at all, but life isn't about making other people happy. Other people didn't put you on this earth, other people did not create you. God did. We need to remember that God should be first in everything we do, even if it makes us a bit unpopular. We should still treat others with love, but we shouldn't live to please others.

     Think about it this way, God never just completely ignored us for something else, did He? No. He hasn't. We need to remember to always put God first, and to remember that serving God is more important than our social status. And who knows? Maybe serving God will make you even more popular because it calls you to be nice to others. That shouldn't be our intention, but it could be one of the side effects. God didn't promise us a perfect life on earth, but He did promise us a perfect life in heaven, if we live according to His word. And honestly, I'd rather have a few friends on earth and eternal life in heaven, than a bunch of friends and no life in heaven.