Wednesday, October 23, 2013


First of all, normally I use my dad's iPad to write these articles, but I haven't had either time or access to it to write for a while, so I figured this time I won't wait. And for some reason, unless it fixes itself when I post, the font is going to be SUPER big today, so sorry about that. :)

Anyway, I love movies, and actors, and stuff like that. You know how some people are gamers, or book geeks, or athletes? I am a movie geek. It's like, what I do. Anyway, have you noticed that a lot of actors are 100% for homosexuals and them having marital rights? Now, we see several times in the Bible that that's not okay. At all. In fact, it's listed as "The unnatural" in Romans 1 I do believe. But I saw a quote from a famous actor. (and it could have been a fake, but it's how most people who are all for it think pretty much) They said that being 100% for or against anything is being closed-minded. My first reaction is, "Are you 100% for that statement??" I mean, you can't win with that statement.

Okay, what would happen if no one was 100% for something? Like, voting time. "Uuuuuuhhh... I'm not 100% for either of them!! So I can't choose either of them! But I'm not 100% for not voting, but I'm not 100% FOR voting either!!" and then you would be there for HOURS, never making up your mind because you're not 100% for anything! The same thing goes for anything else. If and when you were baptized, were you 100% on board with being a Christian? I sure hope so! I know I was. Were you like, "Well, I guess I'll be a Christian, but if something cooler comes along later, I may just do that instead. I'm not 100% for either, really." If that was your attitude then you weren't 100% in belief. If you say you are 100% for homosexual marital rights, but you think that it's closed-minded to be 100% for something, I don't know about you but that sounds rather closed-minded don't you? If we aren't 100% for anything, then what are we for? I mean, if we applied this to every day life, can you imagine how hard it would be to order something in a drive through?? If you actually managed to pick one out that is.

Okay, so I love Batman (in case y'all haven't noticed). One of the villains is Two Face. In case some of y'all aren't familiar with him, I'm going to give you a brief description of him. Two Face has this whole back story that varies a bit depending on the series, but he has this trick coin that he used to carry around with him, and somehow (some stories say fire, some say acid) half his face was burned permanently, as was one side of the coin. Now, before this happened, he was a good guy. He was super cool, and put a lot of bad guys behind bars. But he was also mental, and had two personalities. One good and one bad. So instead of just killing someone, he would flip his coin, and if it landed on the clean side you were safe, but if landed on the messed up side, caboom, you're dead. Two Face reminds me of modern day politics (hmmm..) he's neither 100% for killing everyone, or 100% for not killing them. So he lets fate decide. If we are never 100% for anything, we become two-faced. And nobody likes that.