Tuesday, October 8, 2013

God is always with us

     We all get discouraged at times. It's perfectly normal to. In fact, there are several verses on it. In Joshua 1:9 it says, "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for The Lord your God is with you wherever you go." Isn't that a pretty encouraging thought? I know that it doesn't always feel like this, but as long as you're doing the right thing, God is always with you. Even if we aren't in the best situation, God is always with you. Even Paul knew this when he was in prison, and was even content with what he had, even though he was in prison. In fact, he wasn't only content, but also he was singing praises and praying to God, and writing the epistles. Paul is like, the epitome of optimism. I mean, I might not be singing praises to God if I was imprisoned for being a Christian. I hope I would, and hopefully I will never have to find out. But when we are discouraged, it's good to look at Paul, and see the example that he set, and never seemed to be discouraged no matter what the circumstance. 

     If you look in 1 Samuel 12:22 it says, "For the Lord will not forsake His people, for His name's sake, for it has pleased the Lord to make you a people for himself." Okay, there is a difference between God being with us, and us not going through hard times. Just because we go through a rough time, that doesn't always mean that it's our fault. Sometimes we go through hard times because we need to learn something, and we're really stubborn so that may be the only way we can learn, (I feel like this happens to me a lot, as I am a very stubborn person, and learn things the hard way a LOT.) or maybe it's setting up for something even better in the end. Blessings in disguise are often the best kind, because you appreciate it more than if you hadn't had to go through the bad in order to get to the good. Or maybe you're going through a hard time for some other reason. But no matter what, as long as we follow God's commandments, it will always turn out to be fine. Even if we die first, we'll still end up in a place that's worth even the worst possible thing that can happen on earth. So remember, no matter what happens, remember that God is always with you no matter what, as long as you follow His commandments. And always remember that in Matthew 28:20 we are told that God is with us always. :)