Monday, November 18, 2013

Why Dress Modestly?

     The last article I worte on modesty was about what modesty is. But today I'm going to be discussing why we dress modestly. Okay, so it's pretty much to the point to where if you go out into public and don't want to see a woman's thigh, cheast, entire back, or stomach, you're going to have a tough time. I mean, it's ridiculas. But why should we dress modestly? I mean, what's the big deal?

     Okay, so say you go to a beach and see a bunch of girls in bikinis. I tell you that one of them is a Christian and tell you to point her out among the croud. How easy would that be?? Not very. Why? Because she's being like the world around her. That's one of the reasons that women should dress modestly, so we can set ourselves apart from the world. 

     The second reason is because, what kind of men do you want to be attracting? I saw this video one time where a nonchristian guy was giving advice to girls about what kind men they're attracting. He said that he's tired of girls constantly posting on Facebook that they always have the worst luck with men because they're "all jerks and idiots", and then he looks at their facebook page and all he sees is pictures of them showing off their bodies. If a nonchristian can understand this without it being taught to him his whole life, then why is it so hard for a lot of girls to? I'm not saying that this is every girl, but it's getting more and more rare these days to see someone dressed modestly. If we dress in a way that shows off our bodies, then do you think you'll attract the guy who wants your body, or the guy who wants to keep his mind and actions pure? 

     The third and final reason is to keep the minds of our brothers in Christ pure. Girls and guys think very differently from each other. Girls can look at something and not think anything of it, while a guy can look at that same thing and have all these impure thoughts flood into their heads all at once. Now yeah, they can fight those thoughts, but wouldn't you much rather not give them the temptation to lust? I mean, if a boy lusts after you because you're not wearing enough clothes, then that's on your hands. You just caused someone to stumble. So please, it may not be the "in" thing, but dressing modestly doesn't become less important because it's less popular.