Monday, January 20, 2014

The Things We Surround Ourselves with

     With modern day technology, if you have internet and some sort of device to access it, you have access to pretty much anything. I mean, just to give an example, I just searched pictures of cats eating tacos, and I found a picture of a taco cat, and a chihuahua dressed like a taco. Yeah, it was weird. But pretty much, if you want to know or see something, it's on the internet. Even if it's a chihuahua dressed as a taco. But what are we using that access for? This can be an issue of the music we listen to, or the pictures we view. I mean, it's EVERYWHERE! And the more popular it gets, the more people are seeing it. Have you noticed that the bigger social media gets, the less people are going to church, or even just acting like or claiming that they're Christians? Maybe that's coincidental, but with the internet, it's so easy to pollute our minds that it's not even funny.

     The wonderful thing about the internet, however, is that you can choose what you see. The internet is much like friends. You have to choose who you hang out with carefully. So maybe it's the songs you listen to, the pictures you see, or the websites you go to, the shows or movies we see, or the books/articles we read. Whether it's cuss words, inappropriate content, or anything that makes you stumble, it can be avoided. It just all depends on what we surround ourselves with.  So not only would I like you to choose who you spend your time with carefully, but where. You'd be surprised at how much the things we surround ourselves effect us.