Thursday, November 1, 2012

Acting Like a Lady

 Girls are different than boys. I know that, you know that, the whole world knows that. Even little kids who have trouble counting to ten know that.
God made girls to be different from boys. He made us to not only look and think differently, but to act differently.
There are two ways we as girls can act nowadays: God’s way or society’s way. Quite often girls act the way society dictates. What society tells girls nowadays is that guys are not as smart as girls (for instance, commercials. Have you seen many commercials where the husband is right and the wife is wrong? I haven’t). It tells us that girls don’t need guys; girls need jobs, so they can be independent and take care of themselves. It tells us to speak everything that’s on our mind, and to stand up to everyone who tries to walk all over you.
But alongside the independent woman ideal they push, they also objectify women at the same time. Singers and actresses are put in skimpy clothes and paid millions of dollars to sing and dance provocatively. Television shows and movies tell girls that all they need to be happy is a boyfriend. It’s very contradicting, and confusing, isn’t it? How can you be independent at the same time you’re chasing boys? How can you say you don’t need anyone when you’re dressing to attract male attention?
God’s women are different, however. God’s women are gentle (I Peter 3:4), modest (I Peter 3:3-4; I Timothy 2:9), submissive (Ephesians 5:22-24; Ephesians 6:1). They take care of their families (Proverbs 31; Titus 2:5) and are quiet (I Timothy 2:12). It’s quite different, isn’t it?
Now, if you’re a teenager, then you’re probably not married right now. Though you don’t have a husband to submit to, you do have a father. And if you don’t have a strong, Christian father, then you do have a Heavenly Father. We should always obey our fathers. Until the moment you say “I do” your father has authority over you, and he will lead you and guide you to make the right decisions in life.
Before I end this, I just want to say that society’s woman is not stronger than a Godly woman. For example, which is harder: controlling your tongue or lashing out at someone who annoys you? Controlling your tongue, by far! It takes great strength of mind and heart to not say the words itching to get out of your mouth. Which is harder: obeying your parents or disobeying and doing what you want? Obeying is. It takes a much stronger person to control herself, don’t you think?
Here are some ways you can act more ladylike… God’s way:
  • Don’t yell. Yelling brings a lot of attention to yourself, which is immodest, and most of the time it’s rude, because it disrupts people around you. Speak softly (but don’t mumble! People want to hear what you’re saying!)
  • Practice walking gracefully. Though I frequently fall over and trip, I do try to walk elegantly.
  • Grow your hair out long. This is just a suggestion. I’m not saying this is mandatory, but it does help you feel pretty, and you can do girly things with it. Plus, the Bible says it’s an honor to have long hair (I Corinthians 11:15).
  • Embrace feminine activities. Learn how to do something that will benefit other people, like sewing baby clothes, crocheting blankets for other people, or baking cookies. It’s a great way to do good works!
  • Embrace feminine clothing. It’s all right for a girl to wear skirts, or dresses, or pink hair bows! Looking girly isn’t stupid or weird if you’re a girl. Don’t be afraid to dress up every now and then (just remember I Peter 3:3-4!)
  • Read. There are so many books with strong, feminine characters that behave themselves and act like true women. Besides the Bible (read about Esther, for sure!), I recommend Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen, for starters. See if you can identify a godly woman from a societal woman. Besides, reading is just fun, if you read the right books!
  • Let boys get the door for you. This is really easy and it helps boys step up to act like men. They will act like gentlemen if you will act like a lady.
This is not exhaustive, but it’ll give you somewhere to start. Don’t forget to pray without ceasing and study!