Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Photo of the Week

Picture One:
This is a tricky dress to make modest, because, to be honest, it looks like an apron. It's not even much of a dress, really. It's more like a top. It comes four inches above my knee, it doesn't cover very much up top, and it's a halter top, so I have a knot on the back of my neck, which looks like it's going to untie any minute. However, the ruffle on the neckline are cute, and the pattern is condusive for winter, so let's look at how I would go about modestifying this.
Picture Two:
What I did here was I put the dress on over a black skirt and a black shirt. The dark colors underneath not only match the dress, but it also makes it stand out, and become the focal point of the outfit. Also, if the skirt is too much longer than the dress, it's all right to roll the skirt underneath up a little bit. It'll make it look more layered.
Helpful Hints:
-Putting jeans under a dress or skirt does make it modest. However, it does dress down the article of clothing considerably. Keep that in mind.
-If the dress or skirt is way too short, putting a long skirt underneath it will look kind of silly. Try using a medium length skirt in between the short and long skirts, to make it balance.
-MAKE SURE THE SEASONS MATCH! Don't wear a winter skirt with a spring skirt. It'll look odd.