Thursday, May 30, 2013

Swim Suits in the Summer

     It's summer. Some of you are already on summer vacation, some of you are just about to be off, but I'm sure that there are some things that you're really looking forward to. I am very much looking forward to Bible camp next month! :) And I'm sure a lot of you have swimming pools, or you'll go to a lake or the ocean, but I'm sure that swimming is involved somewhere, as a lot of people enjoy it! I was flying over Texas once, and I looked out my window, and you would be so surprised at how many swimming pools there are in the state of Texas. There's a LOT! And there's nothing wrong with swimming! I love swimming. I used to go to my friend's house once a week and we'd go swimming. It was so much fun. But really, do we need to wear a bikini when we're swimming? I know I already wrote a couple articles on this last year, but I figured I'd give a recap since it's summer again.

     Once I was in Wal-Mart, and this was a few years ago, and I saw this person walk in wearing microscopic short-shorts and a bikini top. To Wal-Mart. Now, most people would go, "Why are you wearing that to Wal-Mart?! It's a public place so you should be covered up a bit more." Well, why wear that to the beach?! It's also a public place. You wouldn't go to the store just wearing your underwear would you? Why wear it to the beach? What's the difference? You get wet and all of a sudden it's fine? I'm not saying that it's wrong to go swimming, I mean there are plenty of modest swim suits (I'll be having pictures of mine on here when my laptop starts working again). I once saw a picture on Pinterest on how to convert your bra into a bikini top. Basically, all you have to do is put cuter material on it and woo! You have a bikini! There's no difference. So before you go and buy an extra bikini, or a one-piece that's super tight and doesn't cover your legs one bit, look for a more modest one. In fact, a few friends of mine just got tennis outfits and it worked just as well. There are options. So if you're looking for a swim suit and you just can't find one, remember that there is a way to find a modest swim suit (you may have to search, but it'll be worth it). :)