Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Book With a Modest Cover

     I spend a lot of time around books. That’s probably because I’m a nerd, and I read books for fun. Also, since I’m homeschooled, I spend a lot of time at the library getting books for school. I check out five or six books at a time, and the most disappointing section of the library is by far the “young adult” section. I guess we could more appropriately call it “the Twilight/ Hunger Games rip off section,” because everyone has run out of original ideas (however, that’s a whole other topic into which I shall not go). Since the storylines are kind of weak, one technique that publishers use to get people to read their books is to make the covers look really appealing. Usually, this involves pretty ball gowns and fancy fonts and glitter. And I admittedly fall for it – I pick up a book because I think it’s pretty, and then I don’t finish reading it because it’s lame.
     I know you’ve heard the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” many times. It’s most commonly used to mean, “Don’t judge somebody by how they look,” but let’s look at it from another angle. If you see a book with dogs on the cover, is it safe to assume that the book is about dogs, or at least has a dog somewhere in the storyline, right? If you see a book with two people kissing on the front, you can immediately tell that it’s a romance, right?
     This is the same with people. If you see someone wearing a basketball uniform, are you going to assume that they play basketball? Yes. If you see someone wearing a ring on their left ring finger, are you going to assume that they’re engaged or married? Yes. If you see someone wearing a t-shirt that says “Math Camp 2011” are you going to assume that they went to math camp in 2011? Yes.
     People make quick assumptions based on what you’re wearing, and how you act. The way you dress is very important, because that’s how people perceive you. Be careful of how you dress, because people don’t see the inside of the book immediately – they see the cover.