Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Beauty Without Change

    Girls have always wanted to be pretty. Different cultures over time have different views of beauty, and sometimes the way they try to acheive beauty is extreme. For instance, have you ever heard of foot binding in China? Luckily, it's not done anymore, because it's horrific. It involved wrapping up little girls' feet while they were still growing to give them a desired shape. They bound the foot in such a way that the toes touched her heel, and then they made her walk on them. The foot was broken and mangled, and she was permanently handicapped that way for the rest of her life. As a grown woman, their feet would be merely three inches long, and they looked like hooves.
     "Why on earth would they do that?" you may ask. They did it for the same reason the Mayans made their babies cross-eyed and flattened their foreheads by tying boards to them. They did it for the same reason that women used to remove ribs in order to tie their corset laces tighter. They did it for the same reason that women have plastic surgery today. They did it for the same reason that girls have anorexia and bulemia today. They did it so others would think they were beautiful.
     Society will always have a new way to be pretty. Tans are popular right now. Looking malnourished is popular right now. Braids, boots and t-shirts with pop culture references on them are popular. In fact, everything that my mom wore in the 80s is back in style. This will change. Styles will change. The world always changes.
     God doesn't change, and what he thinks is beautiful will never change. That's what we'll talk about tomorrow.