Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Influence Others Have on Us

     A while ago, I wrote an article on influencing others, but today I'll be talking about the influence that others can have on us. This is equally important. No matter what we do, no matter who we are around, we will be influenced. It can be very difficult to see these changes at first, which is why we need to be careful about who we are friends with.These changes can be good or bad, and some just don't matter at all. But they do happen. 

     It's like when I was younger. I always had my hair up in a pony tail. So did all of my friends. But then I moved, and no one wore their hair up there. So after a while, I stopped liking having my hair off of my neck. Now, changes like this really don't matter. But when we start hanging around people who don't read their Bible, or don't even try to be good, pretty soon we'll start acting like them. Now, there is a way to influence people for the better, but have you ever had a tug of war with someone while standing on a chair? It pretty difficult. It's much easier to be pulled down than to pull someone up. Now yes we need to teach others, and yes we need to make sure that we don't grow to hate people, or treat them badly because they're not very good people. But we do need to be careful. This is why God wants us to be strong in the faith. So we can pull others up with us. :)