Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Why We Follow the Bible

     A lot of people think that when we follow the Bible, that automatically means that our lives will become instantly better. Now that is true, but it's also not true. Let me explain what I mean.

     Say you're really bad at bowling, and you need those gutter protector things that keep your bowling ball from going into the gutters. Are you 100% going to get a strike every time even with those? Probably not. But are you going to hit a gutter ball? Nope! That's what the Bible does. As long as we follow the Bible, then we won't have a lot of the problems that we would have if we didn't follow the Bible. The laws we were given are there not only to please God, but also to protect us from the things of this world.

    I would like to challenge you to pick a commandment, any commandment, and find a way that it doesn't help Christians in their daily lives in some way. We have modesty so that men don't have to worry about lust so much. We have being kind to others no matter what so that we don't create enemies with others, etc. If we follow the Bible to the letter, than a lot of the problems that the world has won't even sort of be problems we have. Now, this doesn't mean that our life will be problem free, but we will have far fewer problems than we would have if we didn't follow the Bible.

    This week I would like to encourage you all to remember that the Bible isn't there to keep us from having fun, but it's there to help us to keep out of trouble, and avoid a lot of problems that we would have if we didn't follow the Bible.