Monday, March 17, 2014


     Everyone has a different personality. Some are more quiet, some are more loud, some are more outgoing, some are more shy. We can typically pick up on things about people by just looking at them. Like, if they're standing alone, looking around, looking rather stiff, then they probably feel uncomfortable, or if someone is standing alone looking around with their arms to their side and looking more relaxed, then they're probably either bored or looking for someone. We can pick up on these things relatively easily, most of the time without even knowing it. Well, what is the impression that we leave with our clothing?

  Other than modesty, we can leave different impressions with different clothing. Say you were the manager of a company, and you were interviewing two different people. The first one was wearing a button up shirt, slacks, and nice shoes, and the second person was wearing shorts and an old t-shirt, and sandals (or even worse, SOCKS and sandals!!!). Based on appearance alone, who would you hire? Probably the first one, right?! Why? Well, for starters, you know that they're serious about the job, and they want to make a good impression. Also, you know that they are more likely to respect you and your authority, and will work hard. You can tell a lot about a person just by looking at them.

   If you can tell a lot about people by their clothes, then doesn't that apply to Christians as well? If you go around wearing low cut tops and mini skirts all the time, what impression are you giving others? Would you look at that person and automatically assume that they're a Christian? I probably wouldn't. We have to remember that people pick up on these things, and it's important to not only act like Christians, but show people in everything that we do that we have respect for ourselves, and others.

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