Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sin > Sin

     We live in a time where it seems like everything is becoming legal. There's homosexuality, abortion, drugs, and many other things that shouldn't be legal, but are becoming not only legal, but common and sometimes actually we are encouraged to be supportive of. Now, I'm not going to go over why all of those things are wrong. Maybe I'll write an article on those later, but for now I'm going to be talking about the right and wrong ways to view and handle those things.

    Now, before I go into this, please keep in mind that I do not support these things. I'm not saying that they're right, or that we shouldn't try keeping those things outlawed or teach against them. Now that I've gotten that out of the way, I want to talk about how easy it is to be hateful towards that kind of thing. Now, it's okay to hate that someone lives in one of those kinds of life styles. It is not okay, however, to hate that person because of their choices. It is wrong to view ourselves as better than them just because of that. Maybe more knowledgeable, but knowledge does not equal rank. Knowledge means responsibility to spread that knowledge to others.

    Now, I want you to think about Tuesday's article, and if you haven't read it yet then I'd like to encourage you to do that because I'm going to be talking about it a little bit. If you'll remember, I talked about the fruits of the flesh, and how jealousy, strife, anger, and divisions are in the same category as sexual immorality, impurity, and sensuality. Guys, we all have sin. No sin is greater than any other sin. Say two people who weren't Christians died. One of those people was perfect in everything except they were homosexual, and the other was perfect in everything except they were always causing strife among others. Now, which of those will be punished more? Neither! Why is that? Well, were either of them perfect? No. Yes, homosexuality is a sin and we should be completely against it, but we should be equally against jealousy, and strife, and anger. We should also just be equally as patient, and treat them all with equal respect. We all have sin, and just because we are less familiar and less used to one, that doesn't meant that we don't also have sin that is just as revolting to God as all the other sins. That also means that we should be teaching those who have sin that we may be more used to, but should be just as against as all the other sins.

     Today I would like to encourage y'all to, not support these things, but not hate the people who do. I would like to encourage you guys to remember that all sin can cause us to stumble, and can keep us from getting into heaven. Mostly, I would like to encourage you to not accept some sins because it's more convenient, but to be against all sin equally, and to all sins, not sinners.