Monday, July 23, 2012

Bikinis: An Excuse To Be Almost Naked

Hello girls! Today I will be posting about something that most girls have a difficult time with is swim suits! So, what's the difference between a bra and panties and a bikini? A bikini is smaller, and it's meant to go swimming in. If you asked a girl to go to a beach in her bra and panties, what do you think she'd say? "NO WAY! That's so gross!" But what do you think she'd say if you asked her to wear a bikini? "What else would I wear to a beach?" is what she'd probably say. So, let me get this straight, a different place, and a different material make it okay? I hate to break it to you girls, but a bikini top and short shorts are just as immodest as a bikini. Just because you're swimming, that doesn't make it okay. I was at one of my favorite websites, (it has just about every tip for anything), and one of the articles was on bikinis called, "20 Tips on How to Look Smoking Hot in a Bikini". This is why you want to wear a bikini. So you look smoking hot. Well girls, let me tell you something, if you dress like that, showing off your body for guys, then you'll get guys, but you won't like the guys you get. When you dress like that, you look easy. And guys like to date an easy girl. That is, until her looks get old, then they want something new. When you dress like that, you're just a shiny new toy to them. If you're looking for guy who will stay with you, you won't want that relationship to be based on that time you wore a bikini, you'll want to to be based on how happy you are with each other. If you wear a bikini, once again, it not only attracts the cute guys that, if they end up dating you it's because you looked easy, but you are, once again, attracting that 90 old dude. Either way, it's unwanted attention. Also, I mean, seriously, what is modest about wearing a bikini?! Seriously! If you go to the beach, or a public pool, or anywhere else with people, PLEASE dress modestly! You can buy some cute swim suits that pass the modesty test. Immodesty is STILL immodest, even if you ARE swimming in it.