Sunday, July 22, 2012

Does Your Shirt Hang Low?

Today, I will be posting about low cut shirts and dresses. A lot of girls do something called the palm trick, where the place the top of their palm at the collar bone, and the bottom of the palm is the lowest your shirt should go. I do something like the cleavage test. I look at where my cleavage starts, and go above and a bit beyond. In fact, I even go a bit further and, the lowest I EVER wear ANYTHING is 3 fingers below, which is quite rare, and I honestly prefer 2 fingers or less. It's not a problem of cleavage fr me, it's just a bit out of my comfort zone. A lot of girls will convince themselves that they're modest just because they have on an undershirt, that automatically makes it modest, when in reality, even the undershirt is too low. Also, you have to me careful that when you bend over, no one can see down your shirt. And, you also want to make sure that your neckline won't sink after a while. So, every time, right before I buy a shirt or wear it in public, I check in the mirror and ask 3 questions:
1. Am I showing cleavage?
2. Can I bend over without anyone seeing anything?
3. Will my neckline start to sink after a while?

All of these things can be fixed with a modest under shirt. You can buy them really cheap at pretty much any women't clothing store. Just follow those 3 rules before you buy it. And remember, the hardest one to keep, is absolutely no cleavage!  Not just a small hint of it, I mean if you see a line, r part of a line, you're already showing too much.