Saturday, July 28, 2012

Why Are We Modest?

I have been posting many things about modesty, but today, I want to explain why we need to be modest in the first place. Now, when God said that we need to be modest, he did not mean that we can be modest when it's convenient for us. Let's look at wedding dresses for a minute. A traditional wedding dress is white. Why? Because it shows that you are pure, or, that's hat it's supposed to mean anyway. Now, being pure doesn't just mean that you "waited until you were married". One of the reasons we dress modestly, is to protect our purity. I know a lot of people, who think that just because it's a wedding dress, then you can automatically go against all modesty rules. Something that my mom always said was that "you don't need to show everyone what the groom is getting on the honeymoon." You need to protect your purity, no matter where you are. We need to hide the parts of our body that are meant to be hidden, and save it for our husbands, weather future, past, or present.

I once heard it explained this way:
Every girl has a secret. And that secret is meant to be seen by one person, and one person alone. That secret, is our body, and we need to protect it. Do you want just anyone knowing your secret? Of course not! You want to save it for that special someone. And I do not mean for your boyfriend. I mean your HUSBAND. It doesn't even matter if your engaged to get married. You aren't married, so you should not share that secret yet.

We need to protect our purity ladies! That Is why I created this blog, to help you protect your purity. Modesty is NOT, by any means just a silly rule made for the fun of it, and we can break that rule when we want to. This is a COMMANDMENT. It's just as important as any other one. This commandment was created to protect both our purity, and the purity of men. We need to keep ourselves pure, and we need to help keep their minds pure. Because if you are a distraction to men based on your clothing choice, then you are setting a stumbling block for them. Based on how you dress, you can make it very difficult for a lot of men to get into heaven. And I want to tell you something very important. The kind of guy you want to be in your life, is the kind of guy who sees someone dressing immodestly, and shuns it. I once saw a pin on pinterest that said, "Dressing immodestly is like rolling in mud. You'll get attention, but just from the pigs." Do you really want to be the kind of person who attracts the pigs? Once, someone asked the question, "Would it attract attention if you wore a bikini to church?" I knew where this was going, but I decided to hear them out. They went on to ask, "Would a bikini attract attention at a beach? No. Because it would be appropriate at the beach." That, is 100% man's thinking. There is a big difference between dressing appropriately, and dressing modestly. #1, are we really stooping to that level? Finding excuses to become impure? #2, that rule, is only true to some extent. Now, I'd never wear basketball shorts and a T-shirt to worship services. Modest or not, it wouldn't be appropriate. Now, if I followed the modesty rules and wore that to, let's say, a movie, it would be just fine. But when it comes to immodesty, it is never okay.

You wanna know what I don't understand? Women who seek out dressing immodestly, and being impure. I know of some people, who defend themselves, and take pride in how impure they are. That makes me absolutely sick. Are you really PROUD of being impure? Pure, means that you are right in the sight if God. It means that you are acceptable to him. It means that you are a perfect being. Do you really PRIDE yourself in your impurity? Do you really SEEK OUT not being acceptable to God? Because if so, then there is definitely something wrong.

I challenge you to go out in public, and find someone dressed modestly. I wish I didn't have to challenge you to do so. It has gotten to the point to where it is hard to go into public, and find someone not showing cleavage, thigh, shoulder, back, stomach, or wearing tight clothes, cut outs, or see-through clothing. I do not understand why women seek to be impure. So please, dress modestly. Not just appropriately, but modestly. Just because it Is appropriate to man, that doesn't make it acceptable to God. Please bear that in mind next time you get dressed.