Saturday, July 21, 2012


I was recently at an all girl's camp called Future Teacher Training Camp with some great friends. There was a modesty rule, but, even though there were men walking around the camp (they cooked the food) the dress code wasn't very specific, and it wasn't really emphasized. So, on the last day, at the banquet, one of the girls (who I love oh so very much don't don't mean to speak badly about her in any way) was wearing a very tight fitted dress. A lot of girls think that, if it's covered up, that automatically makes it modest. But not really. You see, God designed clothes to cover up the parts of your body that make men think about you in an inappropriate way. If you wear an extremely tight shirt, guys are going to be staring at your chest because they are so much more noticeable when you're wearing very tight clothing. Now, I'm not saying that they SHOULD, but, if they do, you are just as responsible as you are. It's like painting a bridge hot pink and then putting a sign next to it that says, "anyone who looks at this bridge will be shot". They're going to notice that something stands out, look, and then, who's fault is it? Mostly the person who painted the bridge hot pink. This also applies to suggestive writing. My mom once got this tank top that came FREE with her purchase that, on the very middle of your chest says "delicious". Now, people are going to read it. No matter what, people will see it, and read it. And when they look at your chest and see "delicious", they might have a difficult time keeping their thoughts pure. And, bear in mind ladies, that you aren't just attracting that cute guy from across the street, you're also attracting the attention of that 90 year-old old dude without any teeth and wears diappers. Please bear this in mind next time you get dressed. :)