Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cut It Out!

Today's post is written by Sarah Smith. She is a very talented writer, and a dear friend of mine. :)

I look forward to Christmas every year starting in about May, for various reasons: cold weather, scarves, the Christmas candies. But, mostly, I really like getting presents. A lot. My siblings and I put our presents for each other under the tree at the beginning of December, and we’re not allowed to open them until Christmas. The curiosity is sometimes overwhelming. The gifts are usually wrapped very well with thick paper. No holding them up to the light to see through the paper in our family! Sometimes, we even put small items, for instance, jewelry, in bigger boxes to throw them off. One of us could be expecting a DVD, but open it to find a gift card inside the case. We don’t know what’s inside of our gift.
Now, pretend I got my sister a CD for Christmas, and I proceeded to wrap it in lace. Would it be wrapped? Yes. Would it be very effectively wrapped? No, because you could see right through the lace to the CD cover. You could even read the list of songs on the back. What is the point of wrapping presents? It’s to hide the gift until later, when it can be opened at the appropriate time. What if I wrapped the CD in really thick wrapping paper, but there was a large hole right in the front. Again, it would be wrapped, but you could still see what was underneath the wrapping paper, leaving no doubt in your mind what the gift was. If you can tell what the gift is, then what’s the point in even taking the time and money to wrap it?
When you wear clothes that are see through, like a lace shirt, or a thin skirt, everybody can see what’s underneath. If they can see through to your underwear, then what was the point of you even putting on those clothes in the first place? When you wear shirts with cut-outs in the back, or jeans with holes in your legs, it’s almost as if you didn’t get dressed at all, because everyone will notice those holes, and they can see your skin. Why do we even put clothes on every day to begin with? To cover up our body. Nobody needs to see every part of you, and I wager that you don’t want just anybody to see every part of you.
An improperly wrapped gift gives away secrets and spoils the fun; clothes that let everybody see what’s underneath them not only lessen people’s opinion of the wearer, but they also expose and reveal parts of your body that are supposed to be kept hidden away. By letting people see through your clothes, you aren’t respecting yourself. You’re giving away your secrets.