Monday, August 6, 2012

More on Bikinis

     So, I have covered a bunch of the basics, so now I'm going to expand on each of the articles I've written, and cover them a little more, starting with the bikinis.

 Okay, so what is the difference between a bra and panties, and a bikini? A bikini is made of a different material, and usually shows more skin. Now tell me something, would you go to the beach, and find someone wearing JUST their bra and panties? Of course not! That would just be wrong! But, if you go to a public beach, I challenge you to find SOMEONE in a modest swum suit. And I don't mean in a tankini or a one piece. I mean a swimming suit that covers your thighs, your shoulders, shows no stomach, and doesn't show cleavage. I believe, that when the Bible says that we should be modest, it doesn't mean that we should be modest, except when we're swimming, that makes it okay. In 1Timothy 2:9, it says, “Like wise, I want women to adorn themselves with proper clothing, modestly and discreetly, not with braided hair and gold, or pearls or costly garments.” (NASV) This does not say that it is okay to dress immodestly during the summer just because it's hot outside, or because that's what's in style. In John 21:7, it says, “That disciple therefore whom Jesus loved said to Peter, 'It is the Lord.' And so Simon Peter heard that it was the Lord, he put his outer garment on (for he was stripped for work) and threw himself into the sea.” (NASV) Now, if John was in his underwear, and it was perfectly fine for man because it was for his work, did that make it okay In Jesus' eyes? Of course not! What is acceptable for man may not be acceptable for Jesus. And, if he was clothed in as little as his underwear and Jesus was not okay with it, does that mean that he would be just fine with a bikini just because you were at the beach? Well, Peter was in that little clothing, and HE was fishing, which is a water activity. But that by no means made it okay.

Also, why would you wear a bikini? I was visiting one of my favorite websites,, (which has some of the best fashion tips for almost anything) when I saw the name of an article, “20 tips on how to look smoking hot in a bikini”. If that is why you want to wear a bikini, let me tell you something; if you want attention, and you're getting it that way, then you are getting the wrong kind of attention. A guy, is going to want to date a hot girl, for a little while. And then, when the newness wears off, and he gets tired of looking at that same old body, he's going to want a new girl. It's like when a child gets a toy. He sees it, he wants it, it's new, it's pretty, and then when he plays with it for a little while, it looses it's newness, and he drops it, and wants a new toy. And the thing is, he knows he's going to get it, because it's cheap, and easy for him to convince his parents to get it for him, because it doesn't cost much. Do you really want to look easy, and cheap? Also, if you bring attention to yourself, you are not only going to attract that cute guy, but you're also going to attract that smelly old man who wears diapers.
Another reason, is because, you are not only showing off a whole lot of skin, which should be a good enough reason by itself, but it's also bringing attention to those parts of your body which no one should ever see until the day you are married (well, this applies to dressing immodestly in the first place too). Because, if the only clothing is over those parts of the body, what do you think guys are going to be paying attention to the most? Where the ONLY article of clothing is, obviously. A lot of girls say, “I can wear what I want, and if they look, that's their fault.” But think of it this way, if someone built a bubblegum pink bridge, and put a sign next to that bridge that said, “WARNING: Anyone looking at this bridge will be shot!” Now tell me something, would that be fair? Of course not! Now, you could say that the person didn't have to look, but if you see that out of the corner out of your eye, you'd look wouldn't you? It would be a bit difficult not to. It is not fair to men to dress that way, and expect them not to look. Now, if a guy sees that, he should look away, but it is mostly on the girl who dressed that way to begin with, because they are the ones being the temptation. If the temptation were never there, then there probably wouldn't be an issue with it.

By Jayla Sparks