Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Purity in How We Dress

     Today I will be talking about purity in how we dress. I know I already mentioned it before (if you want to read the article, please go here: http://marvelouslymodest.blogspot.com/2012/07/why-are-we-modest.html) but today, I am also going to be talking about how we can be pure in not only our clothing, but also in our actions. You know how I mentioned in a previous article (It's Also an Attitude) that modesty is also in how we act, well, today I am going to tell you how the choices in our clothing can effect our purity.

     Please imagine for a second that it's December 24th. It's Christmas Eve, you're out of school, so you wake up around 10:00 AM because honestly, you can. You look outside you're window, and you see that your yard is covered with a thick, pure white layer of the prettiest snow you've ever seen. Perfectly pristine, not a mark on it. Now imagine that you want to go outside, just to get a closer look at it. So you grab your coat, hat, boots and gloves and go look at the snow. Then, you start thinking how absolutely beautiful it looks. So you decide to build a small snowman. Not too big that you have to take up all the snow, but just enough to be as festive as all your neighbors. So you start rolling the snow. And rolling, and rolling, "Oh, just a little further, it's just a little bit more, it can't hurt anything." You keep saying this to yourself when you think about how big your snowman is getting. And after a while, you start to realize that you went too far, and rolled too much snow. All of a sudden, you look back and you wonder why you didn't just leave it alone in the first place. It looked much prettier then, and now, all the snow you have is already used up, and all that fun you had was just a waste of time. Now you realize that it wasn't really worth it.

     Sometimes, what we allow people to see is that rolling ball of snow. And after a while, we look back and realize that our purity, which was once that wonderful, beautiful thing, is now so churned up that all you can see is the dead grass it was covering. That is one of the reasons we dress modestly, to keep our purity in tact, and to keep lustful eyes from looking at us. Because once they start looking at that pure, white snow, they want some of it for themselves. And after a while, there's none of it left for your future husband to see. We need to keep our bodies pure. "Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you whom you have from God, and that you are not your own?" 1 Cor. 6:19 (NASB) Our bodies are to be kept pure, because they are not ours, they belong to God. Please, protect your purity by dressing modestly. I know we can't control how guy's think, but the thing is, we can control what they think of us by keeping ourselves pure in the way we dress. Please keep this in mind next time you get dressed. :)