Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Photo of The Day

So, I was going shopping with my mom when I saw this shirt for I think $7.00. So I figure I might as well try it on. Typically, I'm an adult/teen small, so when I saw it, I started looking for the smalls. When I saw the small, I was very surprised at the size of it. This was a teen clothing store, so there were no children't sizes, but what I picked up looked like a children's small shirt. I mean, really really small. So, what do I do? I start looking for bigger sizes. This is an XL shirt. It's actually a bit form fitting even. Do I really look like an XL? I mean, I'm 5'4" and just over 100 lbs. I shouldn't be an XL. Anyway, my point is, sometimes we have to go for the bigger sizes so the shirt isn't too tight. So, next time you see a shirt you like but it's too tight, just try going up a size or two, and if the neck line ends up being a little low, jut wear a thin tank-top underneath so you're modest, but not hot. :)