Wednesday, August 8, 2012

More on Cutouts and Lace

     So, I have a question, when you are wearing clothes that have cutouts, but they have lace over them, do you really, honestly think that it's being covered? Because honestly, it's not. You're showing just about as much skin as you would if there were no lace at all. When we wear things like that, it is showing skin. Also, when you wear lace, showing skin, even if you're not showing the skin that needs to be covered up, it's still immodest, and let me tell you why. I once heard of a study some people did, to see what men thought was distracting, and what was modest, and one of the things they said was lace. Because, even though it may not be on a place that should be covered, they still feel like they're seeing something they shouldn't, and it's very distracting to them.
     Another thing is, when you are wearing clothes with cutouts, like Sarah said in the original article, what's the point of even getting dressed if you can still see everything? I mean, you might as well not even get dressed at all! It's like my Union Flag shirt. I mean, I saw that and thought, "What is the point of this shirt?" It was short so when I raised my arms you could see my entire stomach, and that honestly didn't matter because you could see it anyway it was so see'through, it was low cut, and had a big cutout in the back. What was the point of that? It's not a covering, that is an accessory. I have hats made of more material. When I see someone wearing something like that, I just have to wonder how on planet Earth that could ever be considered modest. Now, if you have clothes like that, you can always wear something under it and make it modest. There are no excuses for being immodest. If you say that you can't find anything in the stores, then you're not trying hard enough. If I can do it, so can you. :) I hope you keep this in mind next time you get dressed. :)