Tuesday, August 7, 2012

More on Suggestive Writing

     When you go to the store, and find these shorts that have the word "Adorable" on the rear? What do you think guys are gonna be thinking if you wear them? Do you really think that they don't make the connection and think that you have an "adorable" rear? And do you really think that they don't notice, because I can tell you right now, they do. The human brain was designed to recognized language, and boy do they recognize it. And they don't have to be Einstein to figure out the message you're sending them. You are calling attention to wherever writing is. In fact, any writing at all on your rear, and it'll be noticed. And once they see the word, their not looking at it anymore, their looking at you there, and they are NOT going to be thinking about whatever is written on there. The same with your chest. I have found so many cute shirts, but I couldn't get it because the writing was RIGHT on the chest. Once, I heard of a shirt, it said, on the chest, "Take a picture it'll last longer". So, let me get this straight, you are calling attention to that part of the body, and then you are getting ANGRY when people LOOK. That makes me laugh. :) Look, if you are going to call attention to yourself, you can't get mad if someone looks.

     Also, like Monica said in the first article on suggestive writing, your clothes tell a story about you. If you go out in public wearing something like that, do you really think that you're going to make a good impression on those who you WANT to make a good impression on? Because, like I said, the guys who you want in your life, are the kind that shun that stuff. When you wear that, all you're doing is sending a bad signal to those men. Now, I'm not saying that guys HAVE to look. Once they see it, they should avoid it, but girls, in order to avoid it, they have to know that it's there first. Please, don't put it there. Please help keep the minds of men pure. I hope you have this in mind next time you get dressed. :)