Sunday, August 19, 2012

Put It To The Test

So, I won't be able to have any pictures to go with this article as my camera is dead and I have no spare batteries, but I will try to explain this in the best way possible without them. Today I am going to talk about different tests you can do to make sure that you're not only dressed modestly when you're standing perfectly still, but when you're moving around as well. Sometimes, I'll buy this really cute shirt, and I'll wear it out in public, and when I raise my arms up, I'll realize that I am showing a little too much skin. So today, I will be telling you about different tests you can do when you're trying on clothes, so you can be modest no matter what position you're in. :)

A good test for making sure you're modest all the time, is standing up, and raising your arms. Is there any stomach showing? Then, keeping your arms up, bend over and make sure you're not showing cleavage when you do. Some people say that when you're wearing a looser top, you need to always put your palm there so you don't show anything, but honestly, I think that you shouldn't have that risk in the first place because sometimes, we forget to put out hand there, and then everyone can see everything anyway. So then, once you make sure you're not showing cleavage, bend all the way down and touch your toes (or at least try). Are you showing your back? Can people see your underwear? This is also a good test to see if your pants are high enough. A lot of shirts can't be worn because the pants aren't high enough. But if you just find high rise jeans (or whatever kind of pants/skirt you're wearing) then that can be fixed a lot of the time. I know they're not exactly in style, but if you're wearing your shirt over it, who's going to notice?

Another test you can do for skirts, is sit down and cross your legs. Are you showing thigh? Or maybe is it too tight? And, to make sure it's not see-through (which is easily fixed with a slip, and sometimes you have to watch out for this in shirts as well) put it next to the light and make sure it's not see-through. One more thing, is the walking test. When you walk, does it ride up and show thigh? I try to make sure that my skirt covers my knees at the least to make sure this doesn't happen.

Another test you can do is for pants. Oh, I have the hardest time finding pants. If I'm looking for jeans, they're too tight. Or if I'm looking for shorts they're too short (but for shorts I just usually look in the men's department because, basketball shorts are basketball shorts). So here are the tests I do: For jeans, I make sure they're not too tight in the rear or the thighs (after the thighs it doesn't really matter all that much because you don't have to cover it up). You also have to be careful about patterns, sequins, or holes on the rear, and if they do, for holes, you can get denim patches (denim so you're not drawing attention to them), and if there are any patterns or sequins, you can just wear a longer shirt with it. So, once you've figured out if they're too tight or not, pick out a shirt that typically doesn't reveal stomach, put it on, and raise your arms to make sure the pants aren't too low. For shorts, it's the same tests plus two extras. First, squat down. Do they show thigh?  Do they fall down in the back so you can see your underwear? When you sit, do they ride up? And second, bend over to make sure they don't lift up and show thigh. These are all tests you can do to make sure your pants fit right no matter what.

I know this seems like a lot, but being modest definitely takes some patience. I wish we could live in a world where being modest was easier, but sadly, it's not. I was talking to my dad once, and he told me that after Adam and Eve left the Garden of Eden, God made garments for them, and the original word meant covering the shoulders, the stomach, and the legs all the way down to the knees, and not so low cut that Eve was showing cleavage. God gave them the garments that were the essentials for modesty. And I think that, if that's how God wanted Adam and Eve to dress, then that's how he wants us all to dress. Please keep this in mind next time you get dressed. :)