Monday, September 10, 2012

They're Not Pants

     Okay, so I was on Facebook the other day, and I saw one of my friends, who also has a modesty blog (it's at if you want to look it up) and she posted an article called "Leggings Aren't Pants". And I thought that it was an important topic that really needed mentioning. 

     So, I have a question, what exactly do leggings, jeggings, or pajama jeans do?  I mean, they are so skin tight, that it's basically just colored skin. I mean, they show off your curves so much that it's basically like you're wearing nothing. Another thing about it is, some girls will wear the tiniest skirt, and underneath it a pair of leggings. Okay, I'm sorry, but what's the difference? You're still showing every single detail of your body. Now, I have some leggings that are loose enough that I can wear them with a shorter skirt. So, if you have a loose pair of leggings, go ahead and wear them! There's nothing at all wrong with it. At that point they're just jeans made out of a different material. And sometimes, like I mentioned in a previous post, you have to wear something underneath a skirt. Like, when a skirt you wear goes just to your knees but you're afraid it'll ride up when you sit down, go ahead and wear them. Because the leggings will keep the skirt from riding up as much. :)

      Another good way to use leggings is for wearing under your skirt. I always try to make sure and wear something under my skirt, just encase I decide to go up some stairs. Some longer leggings will be great for that. They're also great for winter. Because you can wear them under your jeans, and they'll keep you warm. Leggings are my best friend when it comes to winter. :) 

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