Sunday, September 9, 2012

Very Pinteresting

     I love Pinterest. I love it love it love it! I get so many ideas for crafts, foods, funny pictures, and looking at work outs that sound so easy, but I never actually end up doing them. :) Pinterest, as all social websites, has it's pros and cons. Let's look at them.

     One of the things I love about Pinterest, is the DIY and Craft section. You can use that for so many wonderful, useful things to be productive. You can get so many ideas for card making if you like to send cards to widows, widowers, shut-ins, the sick, those who need encouragement, etc. Or, if you're not into sending cards, you can learn all these simple recipes and take food to people who are in need. Or maybe it'll give you some ideas on teaching a Bible class. When used correctly, Pinterest can be a very useful tool. And, sometimes I just like to re-pin some of the funny ones (but make sure they're clean first) just for a good laugh. :)

     One of the things I constantly get annoyed with however, is those pins of girls wearing close to nothing. Look, if you won't wear it, please don't re-pin it for everyone else to see. My mom ended up following this person, and she had no idea how. But they had some nice pins that she liked to look at. But later, my mom found out that she liked posting pictures of girls in bikinis. And my mom ended up having to stop following her. Because, what if my brother or my dad walked by while my mom was on? That would have effected their mind just as much as if they had seen you wear in tin real life. And I am so tired of girls, who dress so modestly, but post pictures of people not dressed modestly, or, even though they may not use those words, they post pictures with cuss words on them, and that is just as bad as doing it yourself, and you are still effecting the minds of others.

     So I encourage you girls, please, watch what you pin. :) Thank you for reading, and please don't forget to share your favorite post and "like" Marvelously Modest on Facebook (here's the link :)